OSHA Approved SIP Lifting Plates     

SIP Lifting Plates - Set of 2


+ 28.00 S&H

SIP Lifting Plates - Set of 4


+ 42.00 S&H

SIP Lifting Plates - Set of 8


+ $60.00 S&H

$45.00                + $9.50 S&H       

Builders' Guide to Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Joe Lstiburek,. PH.D

This comprehensive building science  guide by industry expert  Joe Lstiburek, PH.D., P. Eng., addresses SIP installation from a building science perspective.  The guide includes hundreds of  illustrations and resources on key SIP topics.

$13.25 per tube

$225 per case 

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SIP-seal is a high performance sealant and adhesive for SIPs construction.  It provides a superior performance as a joint sealant, a unique ability to bond diverse materials, excellent working properties and a significant green profile. 

Saw Base Guide for Chainsaws

Back in Stock (finally!)  Our custom SIP Sawbases are designed specifically for the SIP industry. 

The rugged frame clamps firmly to any chainsaw bar which allows the length of the bar to determine the depth of cut.

Can be used with gas, electric or cordless chainsaws. N

The unit has a wide base plate with flared edges to ease saw travel over any SIP surface.

The locking guide accommodates a cutting angle up to 60 degrees in either direction.

A SIPschool sawbase is designed for years of site use, or as a daily fabrication tool in the shop. 


          + 32.00 S&H