Online Classes

SIPA's BEST Program (Builder Education with SIPs Training) offers a 10-part series of free online training videos and tests.

Presented by Al Cobb, the descriptions to the videos can be found below.

BEST Lesson 1: An Introduction to SIPs

SIPschool's Al Cobb introduces structural insulated panels (SIPs). Topics include the early and recent history of SIPs, the anatomy of a SIP, common applications of SIPs, and SIP manufacturing.

BEST Lesson 2: Basic SIP Design & Engineering

Lesson 2 covers the fundamental information necessary to design and engineer a SIPs building. Topics include which architectural styles are best suited for SIPs and how to tailor SIPs to best suit the needs of the building.

BEST Lesson 3: The SIP Order Process

Al Cobb presents how to thoroughly and efficiently plan a SIP project, including topics such as estimating & quoting costs & services, finding panel suppliers and the writing specifications for panels to suit the needs of a project.

BEST Lesson 4: SIP Building Science

Building science concerns the flow of energy and moisture through buildings.

In this lesson, Al Cobb examines the building science behind SIPs.

BEST Lesson 5: SIP Layout Drawings

Lesson 5 gives an overview of panel layout drawings.

Topics include the purposes of panel layout drawings and the review process.

BEST Lesson 6: Site Planning and Coordination

In this lesson, Al Cobb discusses key information for planning and coordinating a SIP job site.

Topics include best practices, safety, panel delivery and material handling equipment.

BEST Lesson 7: Layout and Panel Installation

This lesson provides an overview on how to install SIPs. Topics include tools and techniques,

site management and how to tailor the SIP installation to each specific project.

BEST Lesson 8: Integrating Mechanical Systems

In this lesson, Al Cobb explains how to integrate mechanical systems into a SIPs project. Topics include working with mechanicals trades, HVAC analysis and how to control dangerous pressure conditions that can lead to backdrafting of combustion appliances.

BEST Lesson 9: Finish Materials and Detailing

Lesson 9 outlines on how to apply finish materials and properly detail SIP projects. Topics include siding choices and fastening procedures, window and door installation and back-ventilation techniques.

BEST Lesson 10: SIP Sales

In this final presentation, Al Cobb explores how to sell SIPs. Topics include how best to discuss price, and how to

persuasively overcome various objections that prospective clients may have.