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SIP Tech Assist

SIP Technical Assistance Services

Let one of SIPcoach's trained professionals come to your job site and oversee your crew, directing them on 
the proper preparation, installation and sealing of SIPs on your project.  Our SIP Tech Assist Professional is 
there to help you:
  • Shorten the learning curve when installing panels on your project
  • Avoid major installation problems
  • Communicate need-to-know information to your subcontractors
  • Provide proper detailing for all connecting systems
SIPcoach's Tech Assist Profession will arrive with the specialty tools* needed to help your crew fabricate or modify your structural insulated panel package.  Whether you are installing a blank panel package or a full fabricated SIP envelope, a knowledgeable SIP Tech Assist Professional can help your project stay on track and within budget.

*Specialty tools supplied will be based on information provided by client, and remain the property of SIPschool

** Daily and Weekly Rates Available - Contact our office for details.