SIP Manufacturing Equipment for Sale 
(updated 8/14/17)

New SIP Manufacturing Equipment

Black Brothers 8 x 24 ft pneumatic press, brand new, never out of crate $90.000.00 USD

Black Brothers 9' Glue Spreader/Roll Coater, brand new, never out of crate $75,000.00 USD

With both pieces, your shop can produce 6000-7000 sq ft of laminated jumbo panels per 8 hour shift. 
Price for both   $150,000.00 USD, includes delivery to your location.

Used SIP Manufacturing Equipment

Black Brothers Glue Spreader/Roll Coater (12" capacity) Sale Pending

Black Brothers Glue Spreader/Roll Coater (8" capacity, rollers newly recoated) 

SIP Manufacturing/Fab Line for Sale Sale Pending 

    The entire line includes:
  • Power-feed hydraulic press (4' X 24' X 12" capacity) with hydraulic side and end aligners
  • Power-feed circular rip saw (accurate to +/- 1/4" on a 24' rip, when set up properly!)
  • Manual-feed powered wire brush edge router (with adjustable profiles) to produce side chases for electrical
  • Powered wire brush end router (for top/bottom chases)
  • Giant (8' arm) "Radial Arm Saw" for SIPs to produce angled/ridge cuts (designed for changeable cutting heads, i.e. chainsaw, circular saw, etc.)
  • 24' infeed panel saw for cutting full-size OSB to panel size
  • 14' radial arm saw for rough-cut framing/panels
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      Actively Seeking Used SIP Equipment 
                       (including but not limited to)

Lamination Lines
Hydraulic Presses
Pneumatic Presses
Roll Coaters
Fabrication Equipment

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