SIPS 202 Student Testimonial

Al and Annie

"I just wanted to say thank you for all the time, expert advice, education, and especially the top notch hospitality you gave us during the recent SIPschool course.  I have been to many a lecture in my time, but it is rare that you can really walk away with such an increase in knowledge and appreciation for a particular subject.  The classroom instruction was extremely informative and helpful, not just technically, but also in offering creative ideas on how to "get the best bang" for your time, money, and effort when constructing with SIPs.  I appreciated the honest and unbiased manner in which you presented the material, where in you focused on the benefits and technologies of the SIP industry as a whole, rather than trying to steer the class into any one product or process"

"The best part was once we were able to take the knowledge from the classroom into the field.  The opportunity to put into practice what you just learned really helped reinforce the process of building with SIPs.  In an era of "online" education, having a chance to apply learning hands-on is refreshing and far more valuable in the long term.  Again, thank you for such a professional and useful was money and time well spent.  I will be sure to highly recommend the course to a matter of fact, I may be sending you some more students in the near future.  Also, fee free to offer my name/email to anyone if they would like any input from a former student."

Recent SIPs 202 Student
Washington, DC